Virtues Vol. 1. With J. Midden & Mak Hepler-Gonzalez. Icebox Project Space. Philadelphia, PA. (solo)
Among Us: Four Decades of Art & AIDS in Philadelphia. William Way LGBT Community Center. Philadelphia, PA. Online.
AftermathsOrganized by Jameson Paige. Charlotte Street Foundation. Kansas City, MO.

WUFF 8. Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Winnipeg, MB. Online.


Networks of (Be)longing. Organized by Laurel V. McLaughlin. Center for Contemporary Art & Culture. Portland, OR.
and one day will tell you so many stories.
Organized by Laurel V. McLaughlin. Paragon Arts Gallery. Portland, OR. (solo)
Untitled (the wars in Lebanon). David Salkin Creative. Chicago, IL. (solo)

Portal: online screenings. Gallery 400. Chicago, IL. Online. (solo)

Video of the Day. COVIDEO19. Rio de Janeiro, BR. Online.

List Projects 21: Rami George. Organized by Selby Nimrod. MIT List Center for the Visual Arts. Cambridge, MA. (solo)


virtually every site one can visit virtually: gaza strip. Roman Susan. Chicago, IL. (solo)

Una presentación sobre la insuficiencia de las imágenes. Organized by Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez & Jared Quinton. La Cueva. Mexico City, MX.

Holding Pattern. Organized by Ken Lum & Matt Freedman. Studio 10. Brooklyn, NY.

Stonewall @ 50. Organized by David Acosta & Janus Ourma. Leonard Pearlstein Gallery. Philadelphia, PA.

Strained States. Organized by Jameson Paige. Heaven Gallery. Chicago, IL.

Analogous to Our Own. Organized by Sara O’Keeffe. Icebox Project Space. Philadelphia, PA.

Sauna! Organized by Betsy Johnson & Marlo Koch. Iceberg Projects. Chicago, IL.

Close Enough. Organized by Isabel Lynch & Tamir Williams. Lightbox Film Center. Philadelphia, PA.
Moving In. Organized by Laurel Downing & Tyler Shine. FJORD. Philadelphia, PA.

Parts of Speech. Organized by Public Fiction (Lauren Mackler) & Triple Canopy. Museum of Contemporary Art. Chicago, IL.


Here from you. Organized by Anthony Stepter. VisArts. Rockville, MD.

In the (Commercial) Break. Organized by Martine Syms. Beaux-Arts de Paris. Paris, FR.

LUX Salon: Rami George & Tako Taal. LUX. London, UK. (two-person)

Inherited Premises. Organized by Seán Elder. Grand Union. Birmingham, UK. (two-person with Tako Taal)

Open Video Call. Organized by Laurel Downing & Meg Onli. Institute of Contemporary Art. Philadelphia, PA.

Revisions. Organized by Isabelle Lynch & Tamir Williams. Lightbox Film Center. Philadelphia, PA.

Tu m’perds, là… Organized by Jess Lee & Rebecca Ladida. Never Apart. Montreal, QC.


The Dangerous Professors. Organized by Ruslana Lichtzier. Triumph. Chicago, IL.

The New Normal. Organized by Hiba Farhat & Murat Adash. SUPA Salon. Istanbul, TR.

Godothers. Organized by Asa Mendelsohn. Anthology Film Archives. New York City, NY.

I’m hurting when you’re not with me. Organized by Rebecca Ladida & Sara Zalek. Hume. Chicago, IL.

GLITCH film festival. Centre for Contemporary Arts. Glasgow, UK.

The New Normal. Organized by Hiba Farhat & Murat Adash. The Hangar – UMAM D&R. Beirut, LB.


The Unreliable Narrator. Organized by Martine Syms, EMPAC at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Troy, NY.

Talking Points. LeRoy Neiman Center Gallery. Chicago, IL.

A Witness and A Weapon. Organized by Lauren Mackler. Henry Art Gallery. Seattle, WA.

Artists’ Film Biennial. Organized by Martine Syms. Institute of Contemporary Arts. London, UK.

Transformation. Organized by Coral Short. SPEKTRUM. Berlin, DE.

tide/tithe. Roots & Culture. Chicago, IL. (two-person with Alexandria Eregbu)

A tragic duality, far as the curse is found. Organized by Hanna M. Owens. RAIZVANGUARDA Associação Cultural. Bordeiro, BR.

Home Theater Systems. Organized by Latham Zearfoss. The Mini. Cincinnati, OH.

who cares for the sky? Organized by Sabina Ott. Hyde Park Art Center. Chicago, IL.


MIX NYC: 28th Queer Experimental Film Festival. Mix Factory. New York City, NY.

The Last Five Years. Organized by Christy LeMaster. The Nightingale. Chicago, IL.

Front and Center. Organized by Tricia Van Eck. Hyde Park Art Center. Chicago, IL.

Making Chances. Organized by John Neff & Lorelei Stewart. Gallery 400. Chicago, IL.

Home Channels. Organized by Robyn Farrell & Sharmyn Cruz Rivera. Open House. Chicago, IL.

Tertiary Dimensions. Organized by Alexandria Eregbu. Sector 2337. Chicago, IL.

In a Plain Brown Wrapper. Organized by Oli Rodriguez. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry. Chicago, IL.

Specialties of the House. Organized by Bryce Jensen & Hanna M. Owens. Urbano Project. Boston, MA.

Modi • Operandi. Organized by Alexandria Eregbu. Chicago Artists Coalition. Chicago, IL.


Untitled (stop killer cops) for “Yr It.” Roots & Culture. Chicago, IL. (solo)

The Square Root of Pi(e). Organized by Alexandria Eregbu. Chicago Artists Coalition. Chicago, IL.

Body, body, bodies: National Queer Arts Festival. SOMArts. San Francisco, CA.

Not now that I’m able (pt. two). Organized by Billy James Joyce & Brook Sinkinsin Withrow. Forever & Always. Chicago, IL. (solo)


Your implications have implications. Organized by Nicholas Wylie & Paul Hopkin. Slow. Chicago, IL.

Zeitgeist: National Queer Arts Festival. SOMArts. San Francisco, CA.


Social Practices: Collaborative Video Screening. Organized by Tirtza Even. Cook County Jail. Chicago, IL.

The Great Refusal: Taking on New Queer Aesthetics. Organized by Oli Rodriguez. Sullivan Galleries. Chicago, IL.


“Leaning Back (2)” for Circling the Square: Words from END OF DAY. Organized by Gordon Hall & Mira Dayal. Online. 2021

“Untitled (2020)” for Camera Austria 150/151: What’s at Stake/What’s Missing? Print. 2020

“Excerpts from sketches/notes (digital catalogue)” for Institutional Garbage. Organized by Caroline Picard, Fulla Abdul-Jabbar, Lara Schoorl. Designed by Pouya Ahmadi. Print. 2018

“Untitled (our fight has just begun)” for One day this kid will get larger. Organized by Danny Orendorff. Designed by Charles Ryan Long. Exhibition Catalogue, DePaul Art Museum. Print. 2017

“Untitled (understanding arabs)” for Tamaas. Organized by Marina Miliou-Theocharaki & Sanaz Sohrabi. Online. 2016
“Untitled (Samaritan Foundation)” for Dilettante Volume II: Networks of Belonging. Organized by Sara Knox Hunter. Designed by Christopher Roeleveld. Print. 2016

“Untitled (scene from a still, still from a film)” for Monsters and Dust: PINK/PUNK. Organized by Aay Preston-Myint, Christopher Pappas, Joe Proulx. Designed by Jordan Williams. Print. 2014
“How do you see me? How do I see everything else? (1987-2012)” for
How Do I Look? Organized by Aay Preston-Myint, Edie Fake, Erin Leland, Latham Zearfoss, Michael Sirianni. Exhibition Catalogue, Roots & Culture. Print. 2013


Circling the Square: Words from END OF DAY. Organized by Gordon Hall & Mira Dayal. Hesse Flatow. Online. April 2021
Hallie Ford Lecture Series: Rami George. With Laurel V. McLaughlin. Pacific Northwest College of Art Graduate Lecture Series. Online. October 2020

A Conversation with Rami George. With Sara O’Keeffe. Philbrook Museum. Online. June 2020

A Panel Discussion with Artist Rami George. With Emily Watlington, Rahel Aima, Selby Nimrod. Art in America. Online. April 2020

Sending and Receiving: a conversation. With Alexandria Eregbu & Larry Ossei-Mensah. VisArts. November 2018

Dominica and Friends. With Carolyn Lazard, Diamond Stingily, Rocket Caleshu. Organized by Martine Syms. Ulises. July 2018


Pew Fellowship. Philadelphia, PA. 2021
The Velocity Fund. With J. Midden. Philadelphia, PA. 2021
Illuminate the Arts Grant. Philadelphia, PA. 2021
The Flaherty Film Seminar Fellow. Brooklyn, NY. Online. 2021

Pacific Northwest College of Art Artist-in-Residence. Portland, OR. Online. 2020

Ox-Bow: Summer MFA Residency. Saugatuck, MI. 2018

DCASE Individual Artists Program Grant. With Alexandria Eregbu. Chicago, IL. 2016

The Center Program. Chicago, IL. 2015

Ox-Bow: Fall Artist Residency. Saugatuck, MI. 2014

Summer Forum for Inquiry & Exchange. Joshua Tree, CA. 2014

HATCH Artist Residency. Chicago, IL. 2013-2014

ACRE Residency. Steuben, WI. 2013

Critical Fierceness Grant. Chicago, IL. 2013


“Rami George: The Tangents, Pivots, and Slants of Artistic Research.” Laurel V. McLaughlin for Art Papers. Online. April 2021
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“A Connecting Force or Form: Rami George Interviewed.” Laura Brown for BOMB Magazine. Online. September 2020
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“Straining, Seeping and Squishing: An Interview with Curator Jameson Paige on ‘Strained States’ at Heaven Gallery.” Pia Singh for Newcity Art. Online. June 2019
“I’ve been searching for the fragments of the bullet that went from Tlatelolco to Buenos Aires via Santiago and I found its ricochet marks in Beirut.” Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez for Strained States exhibition publication. Print. May 2019
“Moments of Respite: Curator Seán Elder on Tako Taal & Rami George.” Cathy Wade for The Quietus. Online. July 2018
“Tampering with Tertiary Dimensions.” Kemi Adeyemi for Platforms: Ten Years of Chances Dances. Print. October 2015


P(h)ew Microgrant. Philadelphia, PA. 2022

De Aquí Para Allá. Exhibition of Steph Garcia. PostScript. Philadelphia, PA. 2019

tide/tithe. Publication co-edited with Alexandria Eregbu: Anna Martine Whitehead, Danny Giles, Marina Miliou-Theocharaki, Ruslana Lichtzier. Designed with Joshua Hauth. Print. 2017

a wavelike motion. Screening of Hiba Farhat, Orr Menirom, Sanaz Sohrabi. The Nightingale. Chicago, IL. 2016


Art, Design & Digital Culture. University of Pennsylvania. Spring 2022
           Visiting Artists: Mak Hepler-Gonzalez
Digital Photography. University of Pennsylvania. Spring 2019, Spring 2022
           Visiting Artists: Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez
Pixel to Print. University of Pennsylvania. Fall 2021
           Visiting Artists: Kimi Hanauer

MFA in Visual Studies Mentor to Jenn Sova. Pacific Northwest College of Art. Spring 2021

Multimedia: Performance. Drexel University. Spring 2020—Fall 2021

  • Visiting Artists: Alina Wang, Anna Martine Whitehead, Courtney Mackedanz, Emilio Martínez Poppe, Emmanuela Soria Ruiz, fields harrington, Jessi Ali Lin, Julia Gladstone, Justin Allen, KT Pe Benito, Mengda Zhang, Millie Kapp, Nick Moncy, Steph Garcia, Valentina Soto Illanes

Design I for Media (B/W). Drexel University. Winter 2020, Winter 2021

Teaching Assistant to Profs. Chris Lawrence, Emory Van Cleve, Jacob Rivkin, Jamie Diamond, Karen Redrobe, Orkan Telhan, Sarah Stolfa, Sharon Hayes. University of Pennsylvania. Fall 2017—Summer 2019

Visiting Artist: Studio Art Foundations. Prof. Amiko Li. Smith College. Spring 2022
Visiting Artist: Race, Identity and Experience in American Art. Profs. Kara Mshinda & Ricky Yanas. Tyler School of Art. Spring 2022
Visiting Artist: Video Essay and Autobiography.
Prof. Mev Luna. Parsons School of Design. Spring 2021
Visiting Artist: Pixel to Print. Prof. Kayla Romberger. University of Pennsylvania. Spring 2021

Visiting Artist: Queer Archives. Prof. Brooke O’Harra. University of Pennsylvania. Fall 2019


University of Pennsylvania. MFA. 2019

School of the Art Institute of Chicago. BFA. 2012