HD video, color, sound
5:36 min.

Video, 2021

With Ariel Zetina

Music by Bastardgeist

Footage contributed by Joel Midden


[A black & white music video featuring collected cellphone footage cropped from its original vertical orientation to fit a horizontal frame. The footage is overlaid with yellow captions at the center, creating an original verbal translation of the music at the top, with song lyrics presented at the bottom. There are two sections to this work, the first beginning with a wide array of clips that read like a travel journal, sometimes placing the natural world against the urban. Landscape scenes of the desert and mountains, flora and fauna from various locations (including birds, deer, a snake, a caterpillar, a dog licking a hand) are placed against street signs, a busy street in Japan, and a pig on a leash. The sound quiets on a busy intersection with a police van from which heavily uniformed police hang. The second section continues with footage featuring a lot of movement, from a panning motion around power lines, to views outside the front car window on a highway. A dog chews a toy as the camera zooms closer and closer, the creature’s eyes pixelating to a hard cut, leading back to a view outside a train window. This time the landscape rushes by in fast succession creating lines and pixelations across the screen, eventually transforming back into the dog now running around outside. The dog pauses to dig a hole as the music stops and the screen goes black.]