Untitled (Donna Mae Stemmer)

HD video, color, silent
14:10 min.

Video, 2019

Material sourced from the John J. Wilcox, Jr. Archives; with gratitude to John Anderies

[Looped silent slideshow of a portion of Philadelphia-based trans icon Donna Mae Stemmer's collected self portraits. The images feature Donna in her collection of fashion from over the years. Donna, a white trans woman, dons wigs of various styles and colors with full makeup. Her garments range from thematic getups such as military camo and a cheerleader uniform, to lavish ballgowns and kinkwear. She appears in many domestic scenes: leaning against a staircase with velvety blue carpeting; amidst home appliances and knicknacks set against a lavish grey toned curtain; surrounded by porcelain and baby dolls still in their packaging; and in front of a grid of mirrors reflecting behind her.]