Untitled (Samaritan Foundation)

HD video, color, sound
5:46 min.

Video, 2014

Voice of Cáit NíSíomón


[Video opens on an angled still image of a Google street view image of the “Black Jail” in Guthrie, Oklahoma, a clay red building with a green roof surrounded by trees with yellow-green grass overtaking the sidewalks. The view shifts in a haze of glitches and blurry color as the artist taps a different area of the image, slowly navigating around the building. As we move back and forth around the structure, we see that it appears somewhat run down, with boards covering up windows and concrete cracking at various places. The work ends with the artist navigating backwards down a road, away from the building. The scene glitches and creates a kind of time warp effect on the surrounding areas, only returning to focus at pauses in the navigation.]