Untitled (Stanley, my second lover)

Video, color, sound
8:13 min.

Video, 2012

With gratitude to Frederic Moffet & Irina Botea Bucan


[YouTube sourced footage spanning the 1960s to 90s plays to a winding narrative voice. Streaks and abrasions appear on the footage as it rolls, while some images appear for only a few seconds and others linger. A black screen appears between shots, which include domestic scenes of a male and female figure wrapped up in blankets. Black. The cutting of a pumpkin during halloween. Black. A road trip scene showing mountains outside a car window fading into scenes of protest and large crowds singing and resisting arrest—fists pumping in the air. Black. A nude male body writhing on a water bed. Black. Gay liberation marches with cops beating protestors. Black. A man with a handlebar mustache blowing a kiss. Black. Scenes from Vietnam, cityscapes, a christmas tree. Black. Black. Black. Two men laying on a water bed smiling at each other as the bed slowly rocks up and down. Two people cling to one another beside a pool viewed through a chain-link fence. Black.]