Untitled (two men, last scene)

HD video, color, sound
7:35 min.

Video, 2012

Voice of Johnny Knight

With gratitude to Frederic Moffet & Tirtza Even


[Against a black background, a dual-screen video of archival footage pops in and out. The footage, distorted with the glow and horizontal chroma streaking of VHS, is a combination of quiet scenes from gay pornography, as well as a news reporting on the 1973 UpStairs Lounge arson attack in New Orleans, Louisiana. Shots appear slowly and for short periods, fading back into the black background, as two voices narrate off-screen. The imagery includes color footage of two white men lounging in a darkened room, their faces illuminated by a slight glow as they exchange wanting glances; a shirtless man wearing blue jeans in a straw field overlooking a body of water; slow-motion footage of a man laying atop another man in a field and kissing him on the chest; and a man kissing anothers’ temple and face from behind, Footage from a newsroom television broadcast about the UpStairs Lounge arson attack begins to appear in black & white, with boys kissing tenderly as the broadcast rolls. A quick shot of the streets of Beirut appears before returning to the tender, lonesome, and erotic moments between men.]