the mediterranean sea from the banks of lebanon, re: ali, krystel, nathalie, rasheed, visso, vrouyr

HD video, color, sound
10:00 min.

Video, 2016

Footage contributed by Ali, Krystel Medawar Khoury, Nathalie Kreidy ElKhoury, Rasheed Jalloul, Vrouyr Joubanian, Wassim Bassil

[A collection of slightly slowed-down cellphone footage of the Mediterranean Sea shot from within Lebanon. Four different locations are stitched together, each shot providing a different ambiance to the sea: from waves crashing against the rocky shore on a sunny day, the ocean a deep blue that reflects the sky, to a gloomy wash of white foam against a sunset. At times, a hint of the person shooting the footage appears in the form of a fuzzy finger over the camera lens.]