virtually every site one can visit virtually: gaza strip

HD video, color, silent
15:00 min.

Video, 2016

Footage collected from Google Maps users Abod Abed, BMW X6, Eid Abu Muhammad, Hussam El-Madhoun, Ibrahem Nabeel, Jussi Koivunoro, Majd Alhaj, Moha Ali, Saed Samara, Yahya Khaled 

[A silent video consisting of a collection of eighteen screen-captured Google panoramas from various sites within Gaza. The locations are both intimate and public: a small farm, the interior of a bombed out concrete building, construction sites, the exterior of an ornamental mosque overlooking the ocean, a busy roundabout intersection, dirt roads surrounded by concrete homes and shops, various public squares, and a fishing port. Each video is a 360 degree view from a single point, slowly rotating with small pauses as the artist drags the computer cursor across a scene and up and down, lasting around a minute in length. As we move from site to site, various errors occur as the program attempts to compensate for missing data and pixels. Slight shifts in color, fragmented bodies and limbs blending into a landscape, street lights and power lines cut in half and floating in mid air, double suns, and the shadows of the people capturing the panorama appear.]